The Best Dodgeball Balls for Youth Group Games


I’m all about doing youth ministry in creative ways, finding new ways to engage in the spiritual formation of young people today, and not just resorting back to the old games and message model of youth ministry from the “old” days.

But sometimes, you just want to hit a middle school kid with a dodgeball.

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The Best Intergenerational Christmas Pageant Ever!


Christmas pageants are not my thing. I’ll just say that at the beginning. When I was at Asbury, I purposely stayed away from having any involvement, whatsoever, with the Christmas pageant. When I started at First Presbyterian last year, someone was already in charge of the pageant, and so I  just showed up to help corral children. And this year, I was not that excited about trying to find a pageant to do…until I read Theresa Cho’s blog post entitled “No Stress, No Fuss Christmas Pageant.” In her post, she shared about a super easy way to put on a Christmas pageant (which she actually adapted from Carolyn Peters, a DCE in at Grace Presbyterian Church in Beaver Damn, Wisconsin), and I wanted to give it a try.

Let me share with you the highlights after we attempted this for the first time:

  1. Parents appreciated not having one more thing to drag their kids to during Advent.
  2. Kids didn’t have to memorize parts, learn songs or do anything other than show up.
  3. Adults of all ages from our congregation participated…and some of them really got into it.
  4. I grabbed a couple middle school guys who are talented musicians and we led most of the music in the pageant.
  5. People’s comments after church consisted of things like “I think this was the best Christmas pageant I’ve ever seen here” to “That was so amazing how everyone could take part in it” to “This was so much fun – and put together so well” (I don’t think they knew we hadn’t rehearsed).
  6. Kids had fun. We had children, that for a variety of reasons wouldn’t have signed up to be in a pageant or wouldn’t have been able to sit through rehearsals, having the chance to really embrace this pageant and participate in it fully.

So, this is how we did it (and how you can too).

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