Ryan Dobson on the Kingdom of God

Kingdom of God

This post is part of an ongoing guest blogger series on the kingdom of God.

Ryan Dobson

Today, we will hear from Ryan Dobson:

Blessing or Testing?

I was at church a few years back and the pastor asked if we would be willing to tell stories about a time in our lives where we knew God was there. Some point in our past where without a shadow of a doubt God was there and actively working on our behalf. Hands were raised and as I listened there was a central theme. Aside from the guy who talked about his acid trip, every person there talked about a crisis, a breaking point or a time when they had finally hit rock bottom.

My story was along the same vein. It got me thinking about western culture and our concept of “blessings and testing.” How many times have you had someone tell you that “God was testing you” when you lost your job, or your kids were misbehaving or you were having marital problems? I saw a TV preacher the other day telling a series of stories each ending in the tag line, “and the hand of God was upon me!” I finally turned the channel when he told how on that very morning he was running late to church and couldn’t find a parking spot and, as he was about to give up hope when a spot appeared right up front. And then he said it, “And the hand of God was upon me!” Are you kidding me? Dude, you pastor a church of almost 50,000 people!! I’ll bet that 49,900 of your parishioners didn’t find a spot up front. That begs the question, “was the hand of God NOT upon them?”

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Rockin’ with Dobson

Spent this evening with 8 girls from our youth group, and 3 other leaders. As we were driving off to the concert, one of the girls said, “Nothing like youth ministry with a bunch of girls….AND Adam!” We went up to see Kutless in Boise and Ryan Dobson was speaking. Ryan and I have talked through some of my beef with his book Be Intolerant, and we’ve been keeping in touch recently. He hooked our kids up with some free tickets and we showed up for the concert. It was good to meet Ryan, he gave a great message about our job as Christians to be compassionate and caring…good stuff. Got to check out the touring bus that Ryan hangs out in with the bands – wow, I couldn’t do it. Such a small space, but apparently it’s been a great group of guys. They have a ton more concerts to do. Anyway, Ryan, you’ve now made my blog…hope you’re feeling famous. I expect a comment.

Dobson Dialogue

Well, that was a short deal. Ryan sent me an email last night. He apologized about not getting in touch sooner, but it was taking awhile for him to actually get the emails we had been sending [thanks for sending an email if you did so]. Ryan said he’d be posting a comment on my blog here within the next few days, so be looking for that. He also said I could make his AOL IM available, so if you’d like it, it is: adiktd2surf.

Ryan has in fact already posted a response on the YS Forum page [which is where he referred to himself as Mini Dobson]. I’ve only chatted with him briefly, but I look forward to a bit of dialogue here on pomomusings.