Ordination Update

UPDATE: I will write more about the meeting and how things are going to play out, but I just wanted to update everyone and let you know that the meeting today went very well (albeit the fact that it was 4 hours long)! Thank you for your prayers! Everyone was very eager to just have some honest conversation about everything. I think I presented myself very well and responded to their concerns honestly and openly. There was even some laughter in the room at times. After we met, they voted to transfer me down to the Presbytery of San Francisco, which is what I was hoping would happen. There are going to be a lot of details to work out with that process, but today really went as well as it could! Thanks again for everyone’s prayers and support.

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Jesus, the Bible & Homosexuality, by Jack Rogers: Series will Continue Monday

I had planned to review Chapter 5 yesterday and Chapter 6 tomorrow, in my continuing series on Jack Rogers’s book, “Jesus, the Bible & Homosexuality,” however, some things camp up that required my immediate attention. I wish I could share the details with you, but it isn’t the right time yet. As you can imagine, this has to do with my ordination; I’m sorry for the vagueness of this (as well as of some of my Facebook and Twitter statements), but when the time is right, I will be sharing as much as I can with everyone.

I will be getting back on track with the series on Monday. The rest of the series should be completed as follows:

  • Monday January 19: Chapter 5: What the Bible Says and Doesn’t Say about Homosexuality (probably the post most people have been waiting for)
  • Wednesday January 21: Chapter 6: Real People and Real Marriage
  • Friday January 23: Chapter 7: Recommendations for the Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • Monday January 26: Final Reflections on Rogers’s book

Statement of Faith

While I really liked the idea of the Twitter of Faith, I think my Presbytery might think that was a little bit short, so below is what I am planning on presenting as my Statement of Faith. I’d love to hear any feedback that you might give, especially constructive feedback. My context is a fairly small Presbytery (18 churches) in southern, rural Idaho. I basically took my previous Statement of Faith and made some changes to it. If any of you have gone through the Ordination process before, I’d be especially interested in things you think I left out (and maybe really need to put in) or issues/questions that you could see arising from my Statement.

While I enjoy so many people from my Presbytery in Idaho, I am so looking forward to being done with this process of jumping through the hoops. I go before Presbytery on Saturday, December 6 in Idaho Falls, ID. sometime between 10 and 3pm (MST). Your prayers are appreciated. I do believe that this is really an “evolving” Statement of Faith – I don’t believe these types of statements are meant to be considered static. So, this is my Statement of Faith, as of November 2008. To read my Statement of Faith, continue below.

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