Jesus, the Bible & Homosexuality, by Jack Rogers: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Real People and Real Marriage
In this chapter, Rogers deals with some of the stereotypes and language that surrounds the topic of homosexuality. For example, many times you’ll hear people refer to “the gay lifestyle” as inherently promiscuous, sinful and the specter of AIDS. This is just one way in which people use the power of language and perceptions to foster fear against the LGBT community. Rogers likes to point out the injustices and inequalities that exist in our current system, especially when it comes to issues related to clergy sexual misconduct. Rogers speaks about male PC(USA) pastors who have affairs with women in their congregations:

“…These heterosexual male pastors who have clearly violated the teaching of Scripture, their marriage vows, their ordination vows, by having affairs with female parishioners, are usually treated as individuals, with restoration always a possibility. But in the case of homosexual people the church makes a blanket a priori that none of them is worthy of ordination to serve as deacon, elder, or minister of Word and Sacrament” (93).

It would have been interesting if this chapter would have been written after the recent passing of Prop 8 in California. Rogers believes that the issue of ordaining people who are gay and lesbian is linked to the issue of marriage. Specifically in the Presbyterian Church (USA), candidates for ministry are supposed to be married or celibate. And since LGBT folk are barred from marriage in the church, we give LGBT persons one option: to remain celibate and not express their God-given sexuality.

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The Bible & Homosexuality: Enough with the Bible Already

[I know many will not agree with this post. I know many will say I’m on the slippery slope, have rejected Scripture, thus rejected Christ, and I am teaching things against the Gospel. Obviously, nothing I say will convince you otherwise, and I’m not interested in having ‘debates’ on this issue. I have many close friends, and family members, who will disagree with this post – and that’s okay. Many of us have come to a place of understanding on this issue – we just disagree. But this is still something I feel like I need to say.]

gay-crossUnfortunately, if you came to this post hoping to see a detailed exegesis of texts like Leviticus 20:13 and Romans 1:26-27, then you will be disappointed. There are certainly plenty of books written that go into great detail concerning the very few texts in Scripture that deal with same-sex relations. If you want to read a super-thick book that argues for a traditional/conservative view regarding homosexuality, then you might want to take a look at Robert Gagnon‘s The Bible and Homosexual Practice (520 pages!). There are plenty of people who hold a similar view and probably argue their point more succinctly and with more generosity and humility, but Gagnon is one who is often quoted. If you want to read a book from someone who has come 180 degrees in his thinking on this issue, and argues for acceptance for gays in the church, read Jack Rogers’s “Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality.”

But presenting a coherent biblical argument for why homosexuality is not a sin and why our gay brothers and sisters should be fully welcomed into all areas of the church and ministry is not my point here. I think many people have done just that (Jack Rogers and Stacy Johnson come to mind), but they are easily dismissed by many because they apparently don’t have a “high enough view of scripture.”

Well – if that’s the problem – then I say, “Enough with the Bible already!” [Read more…]

Rockin’ with Dobson

Spent this evening with 8 girls from our youth group, and 3 other leaders. As we were driving off to the concert, one of the girls said, “Nothing like youth ministry with a bunch of girls….AND Adam!” We went up to see Kutless in Boise and Ryan Dobson was speaking. Ryan and I have talked through some of my beef with his book Be Intolerant, and we’ve been keeping in touch recently. He hooked our kids up with some free tickets and we showed up for the concert. It was good to meet Ryan, he gave a great message about our job as Christians to be compassionate and caring…good stuff. Got to check out the touring bus that Ryan hangs out in with the bands – wow, I couldn’t do it. Such a small space, but apparently it’s been a great group of guys. They have a ton more concerts to do. Anyway, Ryan, you’ve now made my blog…hope you’re feeling famous. I expect a comment.