I am a Dad

This was cross-posted on Dazed Dad last week as we remembered Micah and Judah’s deaths just four weeks earlier. I am continuing to process my grief and journey through our loss on that site, and have written a few posts recently that you might be interested in:

Four Weeks Ago Today I Became a Dad

Four weeks ago at this very minute (6:49am), I became a dad. I saw Micah delivered first; I even saw his little tiny 19-week 3-day arms and legs moving a bit when he first came out. And then little Judah, tiny Judah 2 ounces lighter than his bigger, older brother. I didn’t remember it at the time, but I had my “Becoming a Dad” blog entry set to post that morning, and while it was never in the way I would have ever imagined, I was more a dad that morning than I had ever been.

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