Future Graduates of Princeton Theological Seminary: You’d hire these guys, right?

(My friend Don…as Burt…!!!) Photo taken by Joshua Cleveland

There are days that I miss Princeton more than others. It’s been good to do a year away, and I’m really looking forward to going back next year. Today is one of those days when I really remember why Princeton Theological Seminary is so special. Today at Princeton was Burt Reynolds Day. Guys on campus (including some faculty & staff) spend the fall growing out their facial hair and on one day in December, shave off everything except (normally) a mustache (although I see some really creative stuff in the photos). Girls are normally not a huge fan of the lead-up to the process – especially if you’re dating one of those guys who really only has some nice pre-pubescent peach fuzz (no offense…that’s me too!).

Anyway, enjoy my buddy Josh’s photos here.