Crowdsourcing My Reading List

I just finished The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen a few nights ago, and am looking for my next book. Preferably something not quite so depressing as another Franzen book (though I do love his stuff). I decided to get some suggestions from you all, and so put together this Listly. You can vote certain books up, vote books down, and even add your own books to my list if you want. Take a second and cast your vote. Thanks!

Troy Bronsink’s book DRAWN IN is On Sale for $7

yhst-38174537758215_2251_169455405Troy Bronsink is a good friend of mine, but even if he wasn’t, I’d want you to know about his book, Drawn In: A Creative Process for Artists, Activists, and Jesus Followers. From Paraclete’s website, they describe Troy’s book as follows:

Troy Bronsink shows how the rhythms of God’s creative work can be rediscovered through design thinking and creative processes. By understanding God in this new way, Christian creatives are then invited to be “drawn in” to the creative, ongoing, divine work. Exercises throughout the book invite participation in God’s life and redemptive rhythms. This holistic approach will shift how Christian creatives and church leaders think of mission, worship, collaboration, and everyday discipleship.

Troy and I are good friends, and got to be roommates at the Emergence Christianity event back in January; besides simply being a joy to be able to catch up with him and swap ministry stories, I got a chance to hear some more about his heart behind this book and his thoughts on creativity.

If you are an artist, an activist, a pastor, anyone interested in the creative process, or a follower in the way of Jesus (basically, this book is great for anyone!), you should definitely pick up this book.

And the book part is that the book is on sale from March 6-8, for only $7. Below are some helpful links to learn more about Troy, the book, and how you can get it for $7. It’s a steal folks. Pick it up today.

With great reviews by Brian McLaren, Sally Morgenthaler and Walter frickin’ Brueggemann, that should be enough of a reason to pick up this book. Hope you’ll do so in the next couple days.

Quiet: Thinking about Introversion & The Church

Quiet-Susan-CainTechnically, I’m an INFJ – the “I” standing for “introvert.” Sarah is an INFJ as well, but we are in very different places on the “introvert” spectrum I’m sure. When I did my psychological evaluation for the PC(USA) ordination process, I ended up being almost in the middle between being an extrovert & an introvert. In fact, I often find that when I’m in a group of extroverts, I become a bit more introverted, and vice versa when I’m in a group of introverts.

But enough about me. I had the pleasure of reading Susan Cain’s book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” this past week. I highly recommend picking up this book for a variety of reasons that I’ll explain below, but if you want a taste of what Cain talks about, check out her TED talk below:

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