pomomusings is officially 1!

I can’t believe I forgot yesterday was pomomusings’ first birthday! Well, I did. I’m sad…this is not a good sign if I can’t even remember my blog’s anniversary, what am I ever going to do when I get married?! Anyway, I just realized this as I was being kicked out of a coffee house so I am sitting outside, and hoping that I don’t get caught ‘stealing’ their WiFi. Today has been a really blah day. I’ve been trying to get my parents’ computer all hooked up with DSL and I was running into problem after problem. I think they’re finally just reformatting the damn thing right now, but I washed my hands of the situation, it’s my dad’s problem now. I’m trying to do a bunch of random things before heading off to Princeton on Friday, and there is just too much to do. But enough of this whining, it’s pomomusings’ birthday after all!

So, for those of you who have been following pomomusings since August 31, 2003, you’ll know this was originally set up as a blog to focus on a book that Tony and I wanted to write. That obviously didn’t happen, though who knows, maybe we’ll do something some time. Basically it was my fault because I sucked at keeping up with the reading we had assigned ourselves. But it was a great idea of Tony’s, because I’ve really thoroughly enjoyed the friendships that have sprung from my little 132.828mb of space on Typepad (although, I just realized that since we’re only allowed 100mb of space…hmm, I wonder what that means. Sshhh…) And especially to those of you who I’ve been able to meet, it’s been really great to enter into your lives! So, first of all, THANK YOU to all who have come, read, commented.

Then I thought I’d just recap the past year (this isn’t that original, I know others have done this) and list the top 20 posts (b/c of the amount of comments, these all have 15+). Enjoy, and thanks for entering into the journey with me!

Thanks again for all your support, and for being a pomomusings reader, skimmer, lover, hater, whatever. 1 year down. ___ more to go…?