Lent Photo-a-Day: Hear


A few weeks ago at a Presbyterian event, a new friend recommended this album to me: Josh Garrels’s “Love & War & the Sea In Between.” Since then, it’s been on almost constant repeat when I’m listening to music.

Music has always been a huge part of my life: beginning piano lessons as a young boy, playing clarinet, tenor saxophone, the baritone (for marching band in high school), acoustic guitar, bassoon (my last two years of high school and all through college and singing in various choirs in high school and beyond. I love music. And I find that I’m able to be moved spiritually and emotionally through music in ways that not much else can move me.

I’m always on the lookout for music that could be used in worship or other settings that doesn’t suck, and Josh Garrels doesn’t suck. If you’re looking for a phenomenal album, rich lyrics and great music, you should definitely check out “Love & War & the Sea In Between.” It’s cheaper to buy on Amazon.com by the way.

Jennifer Knapp is Back

“Undo Me” was probably my favorite Jennifer Knapp song for the longest time. I loved her energy, passion, guitar skills…she was GREAT in concert. I think I first saw her when I was a senior in high school at Creation ’98 at the Gorge at George, and then a couple times when I was in college. I still remember seeing her open for Third Day at a concert in Spokane that a bunch of us went to…

Her music was great – and then….she was gone. I don’t remember knowing much about what happened when she took off, but I just remember no more new Jennifer Knapp albums and being bummed.

Yesterday, on my 30th birthday, I received some wonderful presents from my wife, GLEE returned and I found out that Jennifer Knapp was coming back to the music scene with a new album to be released on May 11th. The interwebs were also all atwitter about another fact of Jennifer Knapp’s life that I hadn’t known: she’s gay.

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Carrie Newcomer’s “Before and After” Album: A Review

I was really excited to get a new Carrie Newcomer CD in the mail a few weeks ago. About two years ago, I had the chance to interview Carrie and also got a chance to see her perform in a small venue in Philadelphia. The show was really great and definitely got me hooked on Carrie’s singer-songwriter music. She has songs that are deeply theological, some that just make you laugh and others that have some really thought-provoking and well-crafted lyrics. Her songs are stories of faith, spirituality, social justice and of a life well-lived in pursuit of truth and deep meaning.

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