Harp 46: Harp, bass and percussion

Harp 46. I first heard them last year, and have been enjoying their sound ever since then. They performed twice at the Emergent Convention, the first time with Brian McLaren, working on a collaboration they began a few years ago. Sarah and I heard them the second night, which was the night geared toward introverts, or so they joked afterwards. It was a very quiet, contemplative atmosphere with Harp 46 music, images and scripture on the screen: a very peaceful and relaxing setting.

When Sarah and I stayed with April and Nuc a few nights ago, they hooked us up with their new album, Passage. I will put a review of it up soon and let you know how you can pick it up – it has some great songs it and some really sweet versions of some hymns: Jesus, Lover of My Soul, Mighty Fortress and Praise to the Lord. If you get a chance to be somewhere where Harp 46 is playing, be sure and check them out and say hi afterwards – they are a group of wonderfully-talented, beautiful people.

Jimmy Eat World…backstage!

Kellen and Adam, getting ready to rock out at the Jimmy Eat World/Taking Back Sunday concert. Kellen is a bit of an insane driver and I love that. Here we are on our way up to the show that we got the free tickets to thanks to Zach Lind, drummer for Jimmy Eat World…keep reading for a ton of other shots from our crazy night!

The ramp down to the backstage area in the Continental Airlines Arena…we waited here for the guy from the production team to bring out our backstage passes to us. We were all pretty hungry, but too excited to head off and try to find food somewhere.

Backstage passes…sweet. We can go anywhere now…

Chilling back in the Jimmy Eat World room with (from left to right), Zach Lind, Kellen, Josh, Nick and Don. They had a nice little spread of food that we were able to munch on as well…good times.

Zach and Adam…chilling before the concert…

All the bros from Princeton and Zach…good times!

Look at those passes….hot!

As we’ve found out – no one carries lighters with them anymore – but as soon as a band starts a slower song, the cell phones come out – it’s pretty hilarious. Every little speck of light you see in this photo is a cell phone…

And the bros leave the same way they came in…only feeling a tad bit cooler as they strolled out, from under the arena…having had a great time with Jimmy Eat World – thanks to Zach!! Thanks again bro.

Who did YOU go to school with?

My freshman year at Whitworth, we had this CRAZY guy on our hall who was a close friend to all of us. Ryan Keberle. An absolutely amazing trombonist, and he took off to the Manhattan School of Music. Well, I knew he was damn good so I just typed in Ryan Keberle and found him, and he’s still in New York. So I’m gonna see if I can get ahold of him and catch a gig in the city or something sometime…here’s his website and here is a nice write-up…I listened to some of his stuff online…still damn good!

So, who did YOU go to school with?