David Crowder Band – All This For A King: The Essential Collection

David-Crowder-BandI think it was his hair that I first liked. Either that, or his beard…one of the two.

I went to my share of National Youth Worker’s Conventions and Emergent Conventions, where I got a chance to see, hear and meet David Crowder a couple different times. I’ve played some of his songs in worship before, and compared to some of the cheesy, worship/praise music that’s out there, the David Crowder Band stuff has always been stuff that I’ve enjoyed.

Today they have released a new album, All This For a King: The Essential Collection. If you’re a long-time David Crowder fan, then you’ll probably want this to add to your collection.

If you’ve never heard of David Crowder or his music, this would be a good intro to some of his most well-known songs. And if you use this link to Amazon, you can get the album for only $8.89 (which is a pretty good deal, I’d say).

The album has some of my favorite songs: O Praise Him (All This For a King), You Alone, and No One Like You. The full track listing is below:

  1. O Praise Him (All This For A King)
  2. Our Love is Loud
  3. Open Skies
  4. Here Is Our King
  5. Wholly Yours
  6. How He Loves (Radio Version)
  7. You Alone (Live)
  8. Everything Glorious
  9. The Glory of It All
  10. SMS {Shine} (Radio Version)
  11. Shadows (Family Force 5 PHENOMENON Remix)
  12. After All (Holy) (Capital Kings Remix)
  13. No One Like You (The Digital Age Remix)
  14. This I Know (New Track)

While the band has called it quits, Crowder will continue to release music and tour the country. Crowder will be headlining a 20-city club tour in the Spring of 2013 and will continue to work on new music as he launches his solo career. An all new record from Crowder is coming in the Fall of 2013.


I have 5 signed physical copies of the CD to giveaway. It’s going to be on the honor system. If you’ve NEVER PURCHASED A CROWDER ALBUM BEFORE, and would like this “greatest hits” album, send me an email through this site (via the Contact Page). The first five to do so will be the winners. Thanks! Thanks for participating in the contest – but we have our 5 winners now!

Treva Blomquist’s “So We Would Know”

Treva Blomquist - So We Would Know

Treva-BlomquistI went to high school with Treva Blomquist and always knew that she was a really talented singer and musician. Years later she’s made a name for herself in Nashville and in the music scene, and I’ve enjoyed her music and following along with her success.

She just came out with a new album called “So We Would Know.” She describes the album like this:

“So We Would Know” is 11 songs about God’s goodness, faithfulness, mercy and love. These songs are based on old hymn texts I’ve found, most of which were written in the 1700-1800s. This collection of spiritual songs sits very close to my heart. I hope you will find them encouraging, and I hope they will point you towards the greatest love of all.

If you like folk/Americana style music by a really talented singer-songwriter, I’d suggest you checking out Treva’s music. She sings some new life into these old hymns; I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the past day or two, and really enjoyed Treva’s voice, the musicianship of the album and how it all came together. My favorites are probably “Ain’t No Grave” (a good song for Sunday’s Easter worship service if you’re still looking for some fun music you can use) and her rendition of “Come Thou Fount.”

You can listen to it via the player below…but if you’d like to support an up and coming musician, pick up the album for only $10 today here.

Get 5 Josh Garrels Albums for Free: Donate to Congo

I have really been enjoying the music of Josh Garrels over the past month, since it was recommended to me. I think he offers a new way forward in terms of “Christian” music, and I appreciate the work he’s doing. I’ve only heard his newest album, but just found out today that he’s giving away all 5 of his albums on Noisetrade for free, and all of the tips from the albums will be donated to support the work of World Relief in the DR Congo.

If you’re looking for some new musician to check out, I’d highly recommend Josh Garrels.