Aleksander Gamme Experiences Perfect Bliss

You may have already seen this video before, but I first heard it on a Radiolab podcast a few months ago (I was a few months behind, it originally aired December 2012). The theme for that podcast was “Bliss” and it began with the audio of Aleksander Gamme’s video above. This is from Radiolab’s podcast description:

First: a perfect moment. On day 86 of a 3-month trek to and from the South Pole, adventurer Aleksander Gamme discovered something he’d stashed under the ice at the start of his trip. He wasn’t expecting such a rush of happiness in that cold, hungry instant, but he hit the bliss jackpot.

At first,  you might think it’s kind of funny that he’s that excited about finding some food. Or that he’s just hamming it up for the camera. But can you imagine experiencing that intensity of hunger and cold and the trek that he’d been on…and then to find something that he’d forgotten about?


When was the last time you experienced bliss?

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