UMC Rethink Church’s Lenten Photo-a-Day Challenge


This week, the United Methodist Church taught all other organizations and denominations how to use social media.

Rethink Church (which is a movement/campaign within the United Methodist Church) launched their Lenten Photo-a-day Challenge. I first saw the above graphic posted on Instagram a few days ago, and since then it’s been all over Facebook and Twitter as well. Sophia Agtarap, the Minister of Online Engagement for Rethink Church with United Methodist Communications, shared the following Facebook status update this morning:

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 9.56.47 AM

The daily text reminders are great, and take you to their Tumblr site, which gives a short devotion and then leaves you with the prompt for the photo.

It’s an impressive social media campaign that I think is really going to creatively engage a ton of people during Lent this year. I hope other denominations take note at this really well-done use of social media.

Update: Here is Sophia’s reflection on how Day 1 has gone for the project, and some impressive stats.

Day 1’s prompt is “Who Am I?” More and more, I’m realizing that who I am is determined by the people around me, namely my family. Sarah’s been really sick with a severe case of the stomach flu the past couple days, and so it’s given me a chance to spend most of the day with Caleb (when he wasn’t in day care). It’s made me aware of how much my wife does, for sure, and it’s also given Caleb and I some really sweet moments together. I am who I am because of Sarah, Caleb, my parents, my grandparents…and that connectedness is important to remember as I begin this journey through Lent.


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