The Plan: The Cleanse is Done

Lyn-Genet-The-PlanWell, we finished the 3-day cleanse from Lyn-Genet Recitas’s “The Plan” last night. 3 days. Some gross vegetable soups. Disgusting flaxseed granola. Lots of blueberries for me. And a few things that weren’t actually that bad.

The photo on the right shows the dinner for Day 3. Baked chicken breast, some roasted vegetables and lettuce. You should have seen our faces when we bit into that first bite of chicken.

So what did the 3-day cleanse do for me? Last Thursday I weighed in at 172.2, and this morning I weighed in at 167.2. So, I lost 5lbs. And that’s what she said would happen on the cleanse. So…I guess that’s good. But, I lost 5lbs doing a cleanse…eating frickin’ flaxseed and not a lot of stuff that I normally love to eat.

So, obviously that part isn’t sustainable whatsoever.

This week we start adding in some new foods, breads, wine, chocolate and even get steak one night.

So, we’ll see how it goes. I was a bit of a wreck on Day 2 of the cleanse. I’m prone to catastrophizing things, and so was envisioning myself eating flaxseed for breakfast for the rest of my life and kale for dinner forever. Day 3 was better, but after 4 days of flaxseed granola, I think I’m done with that. Will move on to a different healthy cereal with fruit. Any good recommendations?

I’m thinking I’ll continue “The Plan” through next Sunday, when I take off to Baltimore for 4 days. While there, I’ll relax a bit, still try and eat healthier, and see how that goes. I do want to move toward having a healthier relationship with food and my own eating habits, but I want to be realistic with myself and still be able to enjoy the food that I love.


    • says

      Well, you’d have to ask Lyn-Genet about that, officially. My wife made a second batch that was a mixture of brown and golden flaxseed and she said that was a little better, a little “lighter.” We also made another varient after testing a few things like almonds and coconut…that made it a little more doable. But I just did the bread test early and switched to toast w/almond butter as soon as I could…I haven’t gone back to the flaxseed granola. I still think it’s disgusting.

      • doug says

        Hey Adam,

        Did you try ours? Columbia County Bread & Granola? I’d be happy to send you a sample bag if you’d care to try it.



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