Tomorrow I Begin Lyn-Genet Recitas’s “The Plan”


I’m sitting at Noble Coffee in Ashland working this afternoon, and drinking my last mocha for awhile. Tomorrow Sarah and I will begin Lyn-Genet Recitas’s “The Plan.” Sarah’s mom recommended the book, and I already blamed her for what we’re getting into…but who knows, it might be a good thing.

It begins with a 3-day elimination plan that means eating a shit-load of kale  (I hate kale) and a bunch of other stuff that I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t naturally choose to eat, so it should be interesting. You can watch some clips of Lyn-Genet here (if you’re interested). From the little that I’ve read about it, her deal is that everyone has foods that are reactive for them and their bodies chemistry, and so the idea is to find out which foods are reactive for you, and then reduce or eliminate them from your diet. People are supposed to lose about 5 lbs just during the elimination diet, and she’s had people who (if they follow the plan) are able to lose on average of about 20 lbs during the 20 day phase, and she’s seen people with other health conditions totally become symptom free because of eliminating certain foods.

She told me today on Twitter that she’s had good luck with people and psoriasis as well. I’m skeptical, but I sure wouldn’t mind if she was right:

@ male client on FB and on twitter too- psoriasis for 50 yrs- he’s down 7.9 lbs psoriasis gone
Lyn Genet

I’ll keep you all updated on what this experience ends up being for us. I’m admittedly skeptical about it (and working on being a cynical grump about it with Sarah), but…I do have some pounds I’d like to shed, so I’m up for trying.


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