PregMANcy: A Dad, A Little Dude, and a Due Date

I don’t know Christian Piatt (other than through Twitter recently). But I’m a sucker for memoirs…and his is as good as any I’ve read. Just in time for Father’s Day, Christian’s new book “PregMANcy: A Dad, A Little Dude, and a Due Date” is a wonderful memoir about Christian getting ready to be a dad again…portraying the changes, thoughts, and hilarious anecdotes about the journey to having two kids.

It’s worth the price for the quotes from his son Mattias at the beginning of each chapter. My two favorite conversations were probably these two:

Amy: Stay in your seat.
Mattias: Chicken feet.
Christian: Mattias, sit down or you’ll have to sit between us.
Mattias: Chicken penis.

Mattias: Daddy, you suck.
Amy: Mattias, tell your daddy you’re sorry.
Mattias: OK. Daddy, I’m sorry you suck.

Mixed in with the hilarious stories are moments of honest and heartfelt reflections about being a dad in today’s world. As many of you know, when a couple gets pregnant, there is usually a wealth of information, books you need to have, etc., for the woman who is pregnant. But not nearly as much for her partner. Granted, I wasn’t up to reading like my wife was, but there really weren’t too many helpful books for me.

Now, Christian didn’t write this to be the “man’s” version of “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” but it is a welcome addition to a genre of books that has been lacking recently: books that deal with the rollercoaster of emotions that men go through during pregnancy.

Christian opens himself up and shares vulnerable stories of his successes, failures, and “growing edges” as a dad. It was wonderful to read through it now as I am in the world of being a new dad as well, but I will certainly keep it around to read through again in the future if I need to.

It really would make a great gift for Father’s Day – if you want to pick it up, you can grab it from Amazon here.


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