Need a Church Website? Check out Worship Times

Many of you know that I have my own web design business, Cleave Design. While I’m still accepting new clients (primarily individuals, churches, small non-profits) for web design, sometimes people are looking for less expensive options, and services that will provide them high-quality consistent support, hosting, etc…basically the whole package deal!

Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to know Michael Gyura of Poka Yoke Design. I love the work that they do – and they are a group of folks who really understand ministers, ministry and what church websites should look and feel like. Also over the past few years, I’ve become an absolute convert, fan and evangelist of Brian Gardner and the work he does through StudioPress and the Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress. So, when I heard that Michael was starting up something cool with Genesis-powered themes? Obviously – I was exited.

Enter Worship Times.

Worship Times is the perfect solution for you if your church is looking for a new website or a redesigned website. Anything that Michael Gyura is involved with…just rocks! And he’s already working with a killer WordPress theme framework – so you really can’t go wrong with choosing this option for your church website.

Worship Times is FILLED with amazing features, including: Support, Podcasting, Mobile Support, Social Media, Webcasts, Web Forms, Hosting, Domain Mapping, Content Management System, Design Themes, Learning Center, Community, Customizability, Contact Forms, Connectional Tools, Church Events and Calendar and more!

If you’re looking for a kick-ass website setup for your church, I highly recommend Worship Times to you.

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