Join Tony Jones in Search for a Better Atonement

Lent is a time when we are journeying toward Jerusalem and the cross. The Lenten study that I’m doing with our church has a whole lesson that is focused specifically on different atonement theories. Atonement theories are definitely hot-button issues, but something that I think is pretty important for us to be (re)thinking about in the church today. Tony Jones is going to be reflecting on atonement theories during Lent and this is from his blog:

Every Wednesday during Lent, I’m going to explore an alternative to the penal substitutionary understanding of the atonement, the dominant theory of the atonement in my part of the (theological and geographical) world.

The first installment looks at an Orthodox alternative to how to understand the atonement as union with God. It’s definitely going to be a Lenten blog series you’re going to want to follow.

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