We The People…

As we celebrate the birthday of our nation today, and as many use this day as an opportunity to further their blind nationalism and unhealthy connection between God & country…I’d encourage you to watch this video today called “We the People.” The video was put together by the folks behind Prepare New York; they describe themselves on their website in the following way:

Prepare New York is a coalition of New York based interfaith organizations including – Auburn Seminary and its Center for Multifaith Education, Interfaith Center of New York, Intersections International, Odyssey Networks, Quest, and Tanenbaum and its Religion and Diversity Education Program, who are committed to preparing New York City (and the nation) for the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 by promoting civil dialogue, education about religious pluralism, support for the Muslim community, and coordinating events on the day of the anniversary.

I found this video while reading a great blog post by my friend Adam Copeland entitled “God bless the people of every nation.” I’d encourage you to give his article a read after watching the video.

I hope that folks will take this day to be appreciative, to be grateful, but never to be presumptuous that we “deserve” the rights we have by living in this country. Or to head down the path that assumes that God is blessing us over and above other nations. This morning in worship we heard a sermon on Acts 10 and Peter’s vision. The verse that obviously stood out on the 4th of July weekend was Acts 10:34: “I truly understand that God shows no partiality.”

We need to always keep that in mind: God shows no partiality. No favoritism. We’re all in this together.

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  1. says

    I noticed the video blames Oklahoma city on “Christian identity”, even though McVeigh himself never made any religious claims and was at worst an agnostic. But when 9/11 comes up, the video makes no similar claim about “Muslim identity”, even though the perpetrators DID invoke religion as their motivation. Pretty sleazy, wouldn’t you agree?

  2. Kierra says

    “Christian Identity” is an actual fringe sect of Christianity. Not to be confused by a person who identifies as Christian. As a Christian, I don’t like this use of the term “Christian Identity” anymore than you do but that’s still what that group calls itself. There is some controversy over how influential CI was in McVeigh’s life. His friends said he was very influenced by the book “The Turner Diaries” — the guidebook of Christian Identity. He said he believed in a God but had distanced himself from Catholocism. And his co-conspirator, Terry Nichols did have ties to the Christian Identity movement. So yes, Christian Identity had a hand in the Oklahoma City bombing for sure. Additionally, on the slide referencing “Christian Identity” there is an image of Eric Rudolph who was definitely CI. And he bombed abortion clinics and the Atlanta Olympics among other horrible terrorist acts.

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