Lenten Reflection #3: Dairy #FAIL

Today’s Fast, Pray, Give had to do with milk and prayer. It began with an interesting quote from a J.D. Salinger short story, “Teddy.” The quote had to do with finding God in all things and it had to do with milk. You can read the full quote here. And then we were given our three challenges:

  • Fast from dairy today.
  • Pray for the gift to see God in your everyday life.
  • Give the cost of a gallon of milk to your FPG bowl. (Your FastPrayGive Bowl is a container you’ve set aside to hold the money saved from various fasting challenges, to be used for whatever charity you choose at the end of Lent.)

Where I failed was in the fasting from dairy. I was doing okay until we sat down to our dinner (pizza) and Sarah pointed out that cheese was dairy. Crap. That part didn’t really work out for me. But Busted Halo says their plan is “unflunkable” so I guess that means I get a clean slate starting tomorrow. I really like the idea of having a FPG bowl that I can contribute to over the course of Lent and then donate to a charity of my choice.

The prayer challenge for today seems simple enough: look for ways to see God in our everyday life. That is something we are starting to incorporate into the beginning of all of our committee & staff meetings at the church I work at. We begin our time together by going around and answering the question, “How goes it with your soul?” A variation off the idea of “Where did you see God this week?” Something so simple, but something that we all need to be reminded to think about and reflect on throughout our days. If we do believe that God is present and active in this world – then we should be looking for ways in which we have encountered the Spirit in our lives and in our interactions with others.

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