Sarah Palin and The Great Schlep

I’m not one who generally writes much about politics – or enjoys getting into heated political conversations – but in the recent weeks, I have been enjoying the conversations I’ve had with folks. And generally it starts with something like “Yah – but can you see Russian from there…?” Oh Sarah Palin. Part of me wonders if she thinks she’s actually doing well in these interviews, or if she walks away from them saying, “Oh gee. Did I really just say “Putin rears his head…” on national television. I’d like to give her some credit, but…it’s just not looking good for her. At all. I’m gleefully looking forward to both the Vice-Presidential Debate tomorrow night, as well as SNL’s spoof of it on Saturday (which I’m sure must be forthcoming – Tina Fey is amazing).

Anyway – I’m sure you’ve all had your fill of Palin-videos, but you gotta love this one where she can’t even name one single magazine or newspaper she’s read. Watch it here and watch Katie Couric’s expression at the 35-second mark. She’s clearly thinking, “Oh just answer the damn question Palin….” There are two other videos that I watched tonight that are pretty worth it. The first is the viral YouTube clip 5 Friends (uncensored version).

The second – which is also slightly inappropriate – is Sarah Silverman’s “The Great Schlep.” In it, she encourages everyone to schlep on over to Florida and get their old Jewish relatives to vote for Obama. Definitely worth a watch.

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.


  1. says

    I watched this with a roomful of progressive Jews the other day. Meaning, my wife and her family. They found it amusing-ish, although not necessary in our particular circumstance, as my wife’s Floridian Nana and Poppy aren’t about to vote Red.

    Honestly, Ms. Silverman would have been better off throttling back on the potty mouth schtick. Yeah, I know it’s who she is.

    But I actually found the censored version more entertaining…and it has the advantage of being watchable with Nana and Poppy, without them saying “Oy, that girl has such a mouth on her! Does she kiss her Bubbie with that mouth?”

  2. Rais Chouf says

    And you are, as a Christian, different from the world….how? Same old hack political views and attacks as the world.

  3. says

    As a supporter of Palin, I too cannot wait for the debate. I believe she will be strong and Biden will be his typical, “no change” self.

  4. Tim Marvil says


    Sorry, but I just can’t see where she had or has anything to “not look good about”. She’s a regular person, with some real life exeriances as well as real life issues. She doesn’t run from them. I think Biden can be an attack dog, or at least he has in the senate before. I thought he was trying to hold himself back to avoid being negative, but Palin hung with him.

    I really do wish they wouldn’t use voting records in the campaign. Seems it is very hard to figure someone’s view based on bills that tend to have lots of Pork associated with them.


  5. says


    Following your tweets and blog, I admit that your obvious partisanship is a bit humorous, but it’s also a bit concerning. I’m Canadian, I don’t get a vote, so I hope I can say this with some integrity, but partisanship in the church is even more concerning than partisanship in the “general population.” Shouldn’t we be above making snide comments about people running for office? Shouldn’t we allow people to be “open” politically, just as we aim to have an “open” theology? Open means accepting and it’s sad to see you continually “closed” and mean-spirited in your political commentary.

    What also alarms me about partisanship in the US church is that BOTH sides get it wrong. I’ve not been able to find evidence that either major party follows the teachings of Jesus. The Elephant and the Donkey are both on the wrong side, and on the right side of some things – making the question for a Christian often “which side is MOST like what I believe?” As a Christian, when we’re overly partisan, we’re making the mistake of aligning a political party with God – because aren’t we trying to follow God here on earth?

    In all honesty – YOU are better than this. And you should use your position of influence in a way that is beneficial and edifying. It doesn’t take much creativity (which you have tons of) and intellect (which you also have tons of) to make fun of somebody – particularly in the public eye. If you want to vote Democrat, great, encourage people with creativity and brains, don’t resort to school-yard antics – we get enough of that on TV (in Ohio, especially).

    PS – Sarah Silverman is funny, and her stchick is funny too. And what’s nice about it is that (aside from the “John” comments) she’s not attacking anyone directly – THAT takes creativity.

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