Spring Break at Holden Beach, NC

Well, it’s back to classes tomorrow after a wonderful week off. As mentioned before, we were down at Holden Beach, North Carolina with Dan, Nate and Elaine and we were staying at The Crowd Inn. It was a really wonderful week – great relaxation, great food, fun times. While there was a lot more school work I had hoped to get done while down there, it didn’t really happen. But I did get to go fishing on the ocean (thought Nate and I couldn’t manage to catch much other than seaweed), play plenty of Settlers of Catan and Apples to Apples and Skip-Bo, walk/run on the beach, actually swim in the ocean on the last day when it was around 75 and hang out with friends. We all cooked a meal, so we had some great food (lasagna, shish-kabobs, genuine Minnesota hot-dish, Chicken tikka masala, pasta and shrimp and lots of other great stuff, including poached eggs). I made the lasagna, but I also took a stab at making Spam Musubi for my very first time (I think it turned out pretty well). And for those who know about how much I like to check my email, we did find a coffee shop about 15 minutes away and a Softee Freeze ice-cream store that had wireless, so I we were able to make it the whole week. If you want to see some fun photos from our time there, you can check out my photos on Flickr. And now, it’s back to school work.


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