The American Dollar: The Technicolour Sleep

A good friend of mine, Keas, has recently been enlightening me with some great new music recently. The album I’ve connected with the most, and the one that has become my permanent study music (as he assured me it would) is The American Dollar (myspace here). Ambient, techno-ish, experimental – whatever you want to call it – it’s very smooth music, and they are tunes that I can nap to, chill to, and really get into a study-groove with. I uploaded one of the songs for you to hear it below (PodPress is being a little finicky, so if the media player doesn’t show up, you can find it here). Give them a listen, and if you like what you hear, check them out on iTunes.

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    Cool. I’ll check them out in my next ambient music kick. Some other stuff that is similar that you might dig especially if you have any penchant for the shoegaze thing from the UK back in the early 90’s – these I would consider “neo-shoegaze”…

    Hammock – Raising Your Voice Trying to Stop an Echo is a brilliant album.
    Airiel – They put out four stellar EP’s all of which are on par with each other.
    Daysleepers – Try the EP The Soft Attack kind of a quasi Cure vis Disintigration feel to some of it.
    Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92
    Boards of Canada – Music Has right to Children is great.

    Then there is Spiritualized’s Lazer Guided Melodies or anything by Slowdive esp. Pygmalion which is a total experimental trippy ambient-fest with a few really cool accessible moments.

    After listening to some of this stuff, if you are not induced into a state of transcendental bliss then you probably have auditory problems that you should have checked out.


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