Creating a Moleskine PDA

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I love organizing things – creating more organization in my life. When I was in Idaho, I used an old Palm Pilot for awhile, and then used a Sony CLIÉ for awhile. So I love to be organized and I also love the newest tech gadgets. However, there is a movement of folks who are striving to get back to a paper-based system, one that helps enable creativity for some. It’s based on a book called Getting Things Done and the movement is called GTD. Many people have “hacked” Moleskines to be their GTD-devices, their PDAs. My friend Wess wrote about how he organized his Student GTD version here and I was intrigued. I love Moleskines – I have a few, and I use a couple of the super-thin ones for notes sometimes, but it would be nice to have it all in one place.

To be honest, after reading this and this, I became more confused. It seems there is definitely a learning curve within this community – some lingo that is required. But Wess encouraged me to just keep on keepin’ on and I put together a little GTD Moleskine of my own (pictured above). You can see what supplies I used here – but it did include my favorite pen, the Zebra F-402.

Sarah thinks I’ll last maybe 3 weeks using this system – I’m giving myself till the end of the semester. I think I can do it – and hopefully it will help me stay a bit more organized.


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    Somehow I’ve collected at least a dozen Moleskins over the past couple years in every size and every variation. I’ve just failed to use them and so they’ve been filling a storage box in my office. Little did I know I was sitting on a techno goldmine! A simple and brilliant idea!

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    a long long time ago i bought a handspring visor thinking it would change my life. i used it for about a week before i gave it away to my sister. i’m going out to get a moleskin tomorrow. btw, i came across your site searching for a wordpress theme. nice job on cleaker 2.1. oh, and i also went to pts (mdiv 2000).

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