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I’m fairly certain that this widget doesn’t really work anymore. Or rather, I don’t know that the directions below for trying to find your RSS feed for your statuses is really accurate. But for those of you who might be able to figure it out, I’ll leave it up.

I’ve become quite a fan of Facebook and I update my status messages fairly often. I wanted some way to incorporate updates like that onto my blog. But couldn’t think of an easy way. Of course, I could go back to using Twitter and use one of the many Twitter-to-WordPress plugins that exist, but I really wanted to just stick with Facebook. So I wasn’t sure how to go about doing it – as there aren’t any plugins available for putting your Facebook status on a WordPress blog.

But then I found sideRSS, created by Chris Hatcher. It pulls in RSS feeds into your sidebar. Now if only there was an RSS feed for your Status Updates on Facebook…actually, there is. Here is how to find it:

  1. Go to your Facebook Profile.
  2. Click on the Mini-Feed bar so you can see all of your recent activity.
  3. Click “See All” on the top right of that box.
  4. Under “View” on the right, you’ll see a long list of “Stories” – click on “Status Stories.”
  5. Underneath the list, you will now see “Subscribe to these Stories – My Status.”
  6. Right click on “My Status” and Choose “Copy Link Location.” The URL of that link is what you will need to insert in to the URL of the plugin.

Once I had my Status Update RSS and sideRSS, I hacked sideRSS around a little bit and came up with StatusPress – my own plugin that takes your Facebook status updates and puts them onto your WordPress blog. Download it below and have fun. WordPress.com users check out this tutorial to add your Facebook status to your WordPress.com blog.

Download StatusPress – downloaded times


  1. says

    I thought I’d point out to you that might want to change your plugin’s name. Someone else recently developed a plugin that updates your Facebook mini-feed everytime you write a new entry on your WordPress blog. He called the plugin FacePress, but then the folks from Facebook requested he change the name of the plugin so as to keep the Facebook name uniquely separate. You have a pretty slick little plugin here; I just wanted to let you know that the Facebook folks might want you to change the plugin’s name.

  2. says

    Yeah, it’s called WordBook. It’s another slick little WordPress/Facebook plugin.

    And expect to see StatusPress in tomorrow’s plugin update on WLTC – and a sizable surge in traffic to your blog. :)

  3. says

    Hey Adam, as I’ve said on Facebook, I love the plug-in. I will definitely be sending some money your way for it. One request I would have though, is, would it be possible to add the status time-stamp? As in “Joshua is… — Updated 4 seconds ago.”

  4. says

    Josh – yah, I haven’t figured out how to do that. Since the plugin is just built to pull the RSS feed, I don’t know that there is a way to pull in the timestamp from Facebook. If anyone knows how to do that, they can totally take StatusPress and adapt it. Sorry man.

  5. says

    Hey Adam,

    Thanks for whipping up this plug-in. It’s on my site at http://www.paradoxica.net.

    I made a couple changes to it – hope you don’t mind. Each of the tags that StatusPress generates is now classed as “statuspress” to make styling a little easier. I’ve also removed the troubleshooting code that you added.

    But more importantly, I added the “Last updated…” info that Josh asked about earlier :-).

    Feel free to take my mod and roll it back into your own – download it here. I’ve commented my changes.



  6. says

    Great plugin!

    One question: Can it be coded to mashup the result a little? Specifically can the first two words be lopped off the start and replaced with “I am”…?

    Gramatically that should still fit anything that gets entered, it’s just in the context I’d like to use it on my blog, referring to myself in the 3rd person would sound a little odd.


  7. says

    I’ve installed the script on my blog but I’m having problems limiting the number of status’ its displaying!

    How should I be formating the NUMOFITEMS tag?

    I’ve tried:

    But that doesn’t work!



  8. Tracey says

    Hi! When I try to install this plugin, I get the following error: “statuspress Error: Something bad happened! Try again later.”

    Do you have an idea of what might be causing this? Cheers!

  9. Tracey says

    Hi Adam,

    A follow-up to my own query, to hopefully help you if anyone else gets this issue:
    “statuspress Error: Something bad happened! Try again later.”

    My host (and therefore some others, probably) have a feed ‘whitelist” – if you want a feed on your site you need to request an addition to this list. I requested Facebook.com and it all works now.


  10. says

    Great plugin! Very clean and snazzy.

    One minor glitch I found, though: Currently, it puts a tag at the end of each item, but doesn’t put an opening <li> anywhere. This can easily be fixed by adding the code $disp .= "<li>"; at the start of the foreach loop. Most browsers are able to figure it out, but adding that line makes the output XHTML-valid.

  11. says

    Any idea how long it normally takes for the status to be updated once it’s been updated in facebook?

    Mine is still the previous status on my blog.

  12. says

    Just thought I’d let you know that I loved your plug-in so much! I went ahead and modified it some, so it would spit out everything in one line, and it works great

    thanks so much for your effort, your $1.35 is on the way.

  13. JL says

    i have a timing issue (showing the wrong time) with this plugin. was there a fix for it? i noticed someone posted a mathematical error. would changing the #’s in the file fix it?

  14. says

    Great Plug-in!

    My only wish is that it would like omit the first word. I’ve got a great big header on my website which is basically my name so now it’s kind of double. Anyone got a line of php to paste into the code to ignore the first word?

  15. says

    Paul, I’ve added the feature you requested to my extended version of the plugin. Get it here!

    You simply enable the feature in the widget option, type in your name and voila – no first name in the messages no more! :)

  16. says

    I was looking for a way to display this too, but it looks like this widget used the old way that no longer works with Facebook and their OpenGraph APIs. I couldn’t really find anything out there that did it so I wrote my own. I haven’t made it into a plugin or widget yet, but I have provided some instructions that should allow anyone to use what I’ve built. I have the write up on my blog: http://fedil.ukneeq.com/2011/06/23/facebook-wall-feed-for-wordpress-updated/

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