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    Lauren, those aren’t actual comments…they are “pingbacks” – they simply let me know when someone has written a blog post that had a link to this post. If you click on one of the links, you will be taken to their websites.

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    actually..the […] is an automatic filter that Adam has set up. Every time anyone mentions the name of J.E.S.U.S. (with periods so it wouldnt be filtered out), his blog automatically removes it. Just another example of the heretical, postmodern, emergent, liberal, post-critical, post-neo-orthodox, ultra-semiotic, pre-continental, anti-[…] theology that permeates the world of pomomusings..well, i for one am not afraid to lift the name high!




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    Adam, you are a piece of work. Design is hard labor. Will $30 be enough incentive for me to make you something really good? While I consider it, ponder this quote by Philippe Nericault: “Criticism is easy. Art is difficult.”

    p.s. It’s okay with me if you criticize drop shadows on text.

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    this is a really fun idea — as a fellow pts grad (m.div 2000), i was also kind of disappointed in the logo’s redesign. strange how both logos evoke a certain feeling of being transported back in time. the old logo has a kind of 80’s vibe while the new one actually feels older — a throwback to the 50’s.

    i’m excited to see how people can bring the pts logo up-to-date, even if it is never officially adopted. i worked in the publications office part-time while i was a student there and i remember thinking how much the seminary would benefit from a great logo.

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    i do hope people submit some ideas. i’m not 100% sure if i will be able to do it — i’ve never been much of a logo guy, though i always appreciate a good one.

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    “First Place: $30 Amazon Gift Card
    Second Place: $20 iTunes Gift Card
    People’s Choice Award: $10 iTunes Gift Card”

    Ummm yahh try present this offer to an Architect to come up with blue prints for your house’s addition and see what he’ll say.

    Why should a self-respected logo designer even consider such “offer”. Logo design takes education at least 6 years in University as a designer, typography classes x 4 ($650 per credit hour), design theory class x2 ($650 credit hour). $30 First prize nowadays would hardly even by a latte.

    Of course….. if you call a logo something from a “clip art book” then that’s what you’ll get for that prize. No self respected, educated and experienced designer would work for that much.

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    Kalinka, your talking a load of shit.

    Okay the prize isn’t going to get any designers ready to go creative but where do you get your figures from.

    And anyone that needs to go University for 6 years to make a logo are idiots, if you can’t make a logo after 1 year of being taught by “professional” it’s a safe bet your going to waste another 5 years if you carry on.

    Personally i wouldn’t do it for that much but if you look at from the contest holders point of view he could say $60 to the winner and no 2nd or 3rd.

    I think you find alot of young designers would jump at this, not only for the prize but would help build portfolio up, if they don’t win they can still add it and explain it was for a contest.

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