Bookstore Men on Campus: The Men of Columbia Theological Seminary

The Columbia Theological Seminary bookstore, an independent bookstore, has put together an “independent, unsanctioned, and somewhat underground calendar” for 2007. It’s amazing. Bill Brown, Chuck Campbell, Walter Brueggemann, Rodger Nishioka…and a shirtless Dr. George Stroup (which you can almost see in the “M” above. If you are interested in ordering one, you can contact the Bookstore at 404.687.4550 or email them at Below you can see a few of the months for your viewing pleasure.

Hubbyblogger? Mommyblogger?

[Here goes the 5th(!) post in a row filed under Married Life…goodness]

Sarah and I have been enjoying some good time with friends recently. One of the highlights of our time in DC was getting to get together with our friend Jake and heading over to Jen Lemen’s house for dinner. It was great to be able to hang out with Jen and her husband Dave, their kids Madeleine and Carter and their neighbors Nick and Jess. It was a wonderful night of wonderful food and lots of great wine. Just good to be friends old and new friends.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our good friend Jeff and then last night our friends Andy & Amanda came over. Andy was a good friend from high school and we’ve kept in touch since then. They’re a fun couple and we played a rousing game of cribbage…and yours truly won. Just barely. I beat Sarah by 1 point, only because I got to count my hand first (and I’ll stop right there because it’s a bit of a sore subject in the Walker Cleaveland household right now). During our time last night hanging out, we talked some about blogging, and about blogging about children, and it was decided that I would probably turn into a mommyblogger when we have kids. Not that there is anything wrong with mommybloggers…I know many and love reading their blogs. But…yah. I’ll probably be the mommyblogger. So much for traditional gender roles…

Which just made me realize…does that mean that I’m the hubbyblogger right now? A good portion of my posts since May 28, 2006 have been filed under “Married Life” — what does this say about me? About my blogging…? Can I be a voice within the Emergent/progressive theology blogging world and yet, at the same time, be a hubbyblogger? These are the things that keep me up at night, the things I lose sleep over.

PS: I would like to point out that prior to my post, if you typed in “Hubbyblogger” into Google, there were a total of 0 results. Until this post. Give it a few days folks…but after this, you’re going to start seeing “hubbyblogger” as a new term thrown around all over the internet…. :)