Emergent Convention: Ordination Musings

Good stuff is happening with Emergent. Good theology is being done & will be done. With Tony Jones being at Princeton and some of the things that are going to be happening there in the next few years, things are exciting. I resonate (yah, I’ll go ahead and use that word) with what is happening with Emergent. [sidenote: Just got back from an evening of a few beers (4), so that needs to be understood for the rest of the post to be understood]

Things are happening with Emergent – things are happening with culture – things are happening with theology – and things are happening with me. Who knows if I will be able to give the “answers” to the Presbytery that they want to hear – I sort of doubt I’ll be able to. I doubt I’ll be able to sign off on the “Essential Tenets and Reformed Distinctives” that they will most likely use as a checklist to figure out whether I’m theologically “sound.”

The more I ponder this issue, the more I wonder…where will I really be in 5-10 years? Will I be an ordained PC(USA) pastor? Will I be post-denominational? Will it even matter…? I don’t know. Right now – [after 4 beers this evening] – I’m not interested AT ALL in trying to fit into a theological cookie-cutter form that my Presbytery may want me to fit into – and I have a feeling that in the morning – after the 4 beers have worn off – I will probably feel the same way. Ahh, the journey…


  1. Chris Erdman says

    Adam…Jordo and I and John Sloas have talked about such things. See my blog for some recent posts…that include some dialog with Al Roxburgh and Jonny Baker. I wonder if you’d be interested in exploring a new form of training.

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