Plates and Lasagna Placement…

I sat in the New Church Building Dedication Committee Meeting tonight for close to 2 hours. It was formed to help get ready for our huge church dedication May 1st. We’re having a concert, dinner for close to 500 and then a worship service. I already did my part: designing our advertising. I’m done. But I still come. So what did we discuss? I’m glad you asked: chairs, tables, the arrangement of chairs and tables, equipment, dinner, lasagna, the way in which the lasagna would be served, whether the servers should hold the plates and dish the lasagna, or the people eating should hold their own plates, clowns, decorations, chairs, and more chairs. We’re a small church. My pastor is on every committee. If I’m a pastor, I don’t want to be on the New Church Building Dedication Committee [now watch, I’ll probably chair it one day]. The lasagna and plates issue almost put me over the edge (last week I played Tetris on my Clie/PDA during the meeting).


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