Happy Birthday :: 10,039

I arrived in Chehalis just a few minutes ago, after a good flight from Boise – Seattle. Definitely a bit of different scenery from the barren and dry brown of Idaho [which I have come to love…but there is something about the big, snow-covered mountains of the Pacific NW – photo taken from the plane].

But, thought I would also just let everyone know that PoMoMuSiNgS wants to celebrate it’s hitting the 10K mark today, with a total of 10,039 visitors since August. Now, granted a few of those are my own. And for awhile, my friend Josh had to refresh his browser about 20-30x to be able to see my site. But, still. 10,039 doesn’t suck. Thanks to everyone who comes and visits (whether or not you actually leave comments). I’m off to explore Chehalis a bit…


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